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Vegan Food Tours: A new way to explore European Cities

Imagine this: over three hours of leisurely exploration in one of Europe’s coolest and most culturally rich cities. As you are guided around the impressive architecture and are immersed in the city’s history, you stop to refuel at some of the best vegan eateries in the area. There you indulge in high quality, delicious and adventurous dishes – all washed down with some tip top vegan booze.
Well, this fantasy can now become reality with the introduction of Vegan Food Tours.

Vegan Connections friend, YouTuber and all round lovely chap Sergi Galiano spoke to us about his new project. It had us salivating and jumping onto Skyscanner for some cheap flights.

To put it simply, VFT is a three hour walking tour led by a passionate local, with all inclusive food and drink. The groups can vary from 2 to 10 people per day, offering you the opportunity to meet like-minded folk in the area. Every restaurant, dish and beverage has been handpicked by the VFT team in an attempt to highlight the best of the best in each city.

If you are visiting Barcelona, London or Amsterdam anytime soon – or you’re lucky enough to live in these hot spots – be sure to book your place on this tasty tour!

To give you a vivid taster of what to expect on the tour, we’ve taken the Catalan capital as our example.
Once you arrive at the meeting point and are welcomed by your personal local guide, you will commence your evening exploring the historical and vibrant El Raval. This multi-cultural area is home to a variety of cuisines which you will get to enjoy as you explore the area by foot. You will then move on to the medieval centre of El Gotico. Here you will be treated to more food, ecological beer and wine or natural juices for any teetotalers. The contemporary El Born is the next stop, with offerings of delicious vegan paella, patatas bravas and pan con tomate (literally bread with tomato – much more exciting than its humble name.) The tour’s final destination is the seaside area of Barceloneta where you will be treated to an exquisite dessert as you relax and inhale the sea air. From here on, the night is yours. Continue the evening with your new vegan friends, revisit past stops from the day, or simply retire to bed in a well-earned food coma.

For Sergi and his team, the most important factor to consider when choosing a stop on the tour is the quality of the food and the overall vibe. They ask themselves: ‘Does the atmosphere feel right? Are the plates unique? How’s the service? Are the owner and kitchen staff flexible to meet our requirements?’

“There’s just a feeling you get in some places, if it doesn’t feel right we won’t consider it. If it feels special, we’ll have it at the top of the list” he says.

The tour lives up to its slogan ‘taste the culture’ as you will experience ‘veganised’ versions of traditional cuisine in each city.

“For [the Barcelona tour] it was important for each tapa to represent Spain’s notorious food culture which is why every dish is either exclusive to Spanish cuisine or has been adjusted to illustrate the Mediterranean diet.”

Barcelona was the easiest for Sergi and co-founder Fabio to choose as that’s where they were originally based. London was also a given because it’s hard to ignore how many easily accessible vegan options the city offers. As for Amsterdam, Sergi confesses he simply fell in love with the cosy city: “Despite being a capital you get this kind of small town vibe from it. Maybe I wanted to open a tour there to have an excuse to go back!”

Of course, such a unique and tailored dining experience won’t come for free. A spot on the tour will cost you £79. It may seem a tad pricey, but after you tally everything up (food, drink, atmosphere, nuggets of knowledge), you realise it’s a fine deal.

And, if you follow VFT on social media you’ll get your fair share of opportunities to sneak your way past the full price!

“Our tour is an experience – we’ve circled each city relentlessly in search of the best plant-based dishes and compressed them into 1 tour. Our wine and beer is also hand selected based on taste and quality.

“While our focus is on food and drink our clients are also guided through the city by a local who prioritises lesser known fun facts over your common statistics and touristy information.”
Sergi put a call out on his YouTube channel to find a solid team and gathered a group of talented and hungry vegans. You may have heard of one of them!

“At the moment there are 10 of us. I started this tour up with Fabio. I’ve already run a business with him in the past and in my opinion we make a great team. We’re both perfectionists so sometimes we need each other’s reality checks to avoid getting caught up on one objective.”

“We have Cesar and Adam managing London. Some of you may know Cesar as “Vegan Speak” on YouTube and Adam has formed a part of the tour since the beginning.

“We have several other team members who are helping launch the tour in other cities, but that’s top secret!”

We can’t wait to experience the tour and will do anything to get our hands on a spot (hint hint Sergi!)
Check out the Vegan Food Tours website and keep an eye on their Facebook page for discounts!