Vegan Cities: The Tallinn Guide

Despite having an impressive list of pals from the Baltics, I must admit that speaking even the most basic Estonian is beyond my limited linguistic capabilities so when visiting the beautiful city of Tallinn this year, I was mightily pleased my friend Kert managed to map out a list of solid vegan eateries that did not disappoint.

However, without my trusty Tallinn native, I may have struggled to find a decent vegan junk food bar so here’s another food guide to help you on your way should you find yourself in the most amazing city that side of the world!

Vegankohvik Inspiratsioon
Lai 44, 10133 Tallinn

This place is all completely vegan if the name didn’t already give that away! Open from morning till evening, it had a great selection weither you want to head here for a pick me up breakfast, or a full on evening meal. The banana pancakes are to die for and they also do a great coffee, which you can complement with a great wee vegan cake! For something more savoury, they do a mean bean lentil and caramelised onion sausage which tastes as good as it sounds!

Kivi Paper Käärid
Telliskivi 60A C4 Tallinn

Translated as rock, paper, and scissors you’ll be playing that very game to try and choose between the fabulous vegan dishes they offer. Great if you’re gluten intolerant and vegan, ‘Kivi’s’ best dish is perhaps the mouth-watering guacamole risotto. Just saying those two words together is enough to make your belly grumble with anticipation! They also do fabulous sweet potato fries and with it being open till 2am on weekends, it’s not a great place to enjoy food during the day, but its welcoming décor and relaxed atmosphere make it a great go-to for an evening drink.

Vegan Restoran V
Rataskaevu 12, Tallinn

My favourite place I visited in Tallinn is VRV, so it’s perhaps no surprise it’s rated the second best vegan restaurant in Tallinn by TripAdvisor, whilst it’s also got a rating of 4.9 stars on Facebook – pretty good going.

Tofu, seitan, beetroot ravioli – you name the vegan food & they have it, perhaps most importantly though, it’s all so, so good. The one problem for the place is that it’s almost impossible to get a seat unless you book in advance so call ahead: you won’t regret it!

NOP (Neighbourhood Organic Place)
J. Köleri 1, 10150 Tallinn

Although not central Tallinn it’s only two or three tram stops away, their dedication to fresh, organic dishes makes the visit a worthwhile one. They run their own organic shop! So you know that their serving passion that adds to their already excellent healthy food.
Kadriorg Park and the Presidential Palace is very close to it, both are absolutely beautiful to view and will top off your evening in Tallinn wonderfully.

Lendav Taldrik
Telliskivi 60A, 10412 Tallinn

Located quite close to the aforementioned ‘Kivi’, this place is the most likely to give you the food coma your all day walking may require! It’s got a fantastic vibe to it, and although it’s ultra-cool, it doesn’t make you feel out of place if you don’t feel quite hip enough.

Affordable prices make it even more enticing. It’s really hard for me to choose their best dish; so I’ll recommend both! They serve a fantastic Tarka Dahl jam packed with yellow lentils, whilst the aloo palak is the most amazing potato & spinach dish, covered in a tangy north Indian sauce. Un-be-lieveable.

Also worth a mention:

Papa JoeVon Krahli AedMamoSesoon and Elevant.

Although you’ll get by speaking English, the local will appreciate you attempting to converse in Estonian – and it’s also nice to learn new stuff right?

I am vegan – Mina olen vegan
Do you have tofu? – Kas sul teil on tofut?
Soy milk – Sojapiim
Does this bread contain any milk or egg? – Kas see leib sisaldab piima või mune?