Vegan Cities: The Gothenburg Guide

Back in October, my usual jaunt around Europe for live music revved up once as I frantically searched for where I would visit to take in The Jesus and Mary Chain/Cold Cave tour. With a quick scan of which cities the bands were visiting, followed by a exciting look over a list of the cheapest flights on Skyscanner, I ended up focusing on the second biggest city in Sweden Gothenburg!

Travelling on my own, I decided to book a single room on the Hotel Barken Viking – an old boat that has been transformed into a tidy little hotel and took in a whole weekend of Vegan eateries! Here’s a list of the best ones.



Sometimes you search the world for a bar that suits your personality, has a punk rock music quiz AND serves well priced vegan food – sometimes you walk into a bar after giving up the search only to realise it was right in front of you the whole time! Kelly’s is a true punk rock bar, no bullshit. Full of all kinds of people and the best kinda food. Whilst it may be much more expensive than what we are used to here in Scotland, Kelly’s also showcases some great beer at a unbelieveably low cost for Sweden.

You can grab a huge place of nachos, a ginormous vegan pizza (as shown above) and a pint of local beer all for under a tenner, whilst the locals will try their best to rope you into the usual Sunday pub quiz even though you speak not a word of Swedish. Trust me, this place is the best!




Another punk bar that is a complete hidden gem for vegan treats! I ventured into this area on a walk from my boatel Saturday evening. I went in search of some techno bars but ended up spending the night here eating all the food they had to offer! Although it was different to Kelly’s, the bar itself very much had a similar vibe and the local were very open to speaking to me and making me part of their group.

As for the food, it was a total delight and they had a fantastic mix of choices (the owners are vegan, I believe). They have a fabulous range of tofu, seitan and tempeh based dishes alongside incredible cheese balls! I went for the sweet and sour noodles this time. All dishes were made fresh by the very welcoming chef, whilst the bar staff were also full of recommendations for other vegan places nearby!




Are you vegan for health reasons? No? Good. Then Jonsborgsgrill is your place to be. Vegan junk food is 100% what I’m talking about & 100% the kind of vegan I am. Chips, seitan burgers and all the egg free mayo – come at me right now.

The one draw back (for me personally) is not many places take cash, which is difficult as a tourist but thankfully the lovely cashier here paid for me on her own card as I gave her the Swedish Krona that I had with me such was the amazing customer service! It’s relitively small, but weither eat in or take away you can build your own burger with their impressive list of vegan condiments on the side! They also add mash potato or fries – depending on your choice – with any meal order!


Open New Doors

open new doors

If you’re a raw vegan, then this is definitely the place to be! With a selection of tasty, yet healthy food Open New Doors is one of the best rated restaurants in Gothenburg, and indeed Sweden itself. Each dish is created using seasonal ingredients, which give the food fantastic flavour, without the guilt that comes with noms that normally aren’t the healthiest!

It’s very much central Gothenburg and has a huge focus on well-being built into the concept of the restaurant and it was absoltely jam packed when I went, so be aware to book in advance.


En Deli Haga

en deli haga

Another highly rated vegan restaurant is En Deli Haga! Actually a deli that serves mainly vegetarian dishes (but also plenty vegan too!) it uses local sourced vegetables with a mediterranean touch – including a fabulous mediterranean breakfast too!

The whole menu is actually completely egg free, whereas they also have a list of gluten free produce and meals you can order for those of us with an intlerance to gluten!


Also worth a mention:

Yammy Kitchen, Book Cafe, Cafe Repris, Lemon & Lime

Like most cities in Europe, we are very lucky that most people speak fluent English. Those of you who like to try and converse in the native language though may find these phrases useful!

I am vegan – Jag är vegan

Do you have tofu? – Har du tofu?

Soy milk – Sojamjölk

Does it contain any milk or egg? – Innehåller det någon mjölk eller ägg?