Vegan Cities: The Copenhagen Guide

Traditionally, Danish cuisine tends to be quite meat-heavy so this might not be the most obvious choice for vegan food but Copenhagen is home to plenty of places that cater for vegan diets if you’re willing to look for them. As the bike capital of Europe, it’s a welcoming city and an enjoyable place to explore while hunting down tasty plant-based food. I tried to do as much digging as possible while I was there to bring you lovely people a nice wee guide to finding vegan food in the Danish capital (it’s not just a massive list of everything I ate while I was there, I promise…)

Simple RAW

raw vegan/vegetarian café/bistro/takeaway.
Opens at 10am- 10pm (8pm on Sundays) serves brunch until 3pm.
Address: Gråbrødretorv 9, 1154 Copenhagen K


This was the first place I ate after arriving in Copenhagen the night before. I was starving and having Googled “vegan food Copenhagen” this was the nearest place that was actually open in the morning. So I took off with my map, literally a paper map because my data didn’t feel like working, and followed my stomach through the slightly drizzly, yet beautiful, cobbled streets. Everything on the menu is vegan, apart from the organic bread which contains 0.01% honey, and is also gluten, sugar, yeast and preservative free (aka super fresh and healthy).  I went for the brunch was turned out to be the most beautiful looking breakfast I’d ever eaten. Coffee becomes irrelevant after a pick me up like that.

Café N

a cosy little café with the feel of a living room. Open Monday- Friday 8am-10pm and 9am-10pm on weekends. Comfort food, brunch, burgers, sandwiches, coffee- homemade.
Address: Blågårdsgade 17, 2200 Copenhagen


In the Norrebro region of the city, Café N has the relaxed feel of a living room, definitely embodying the Danish Hygge lifestyle (the closest translation into English being “cosy.”)  The menu is full of vegan comfort food like burgers, brunch and sandwiches, and everything is homemade (and also delicious). This was another amazing brunch, consisting of tofu omelette, seitan, croquettes, hummus, fruit, salad and bread- well deserved after trekking for about half an hour across the city to try their food.

Yellow Rose

café with coffee, vegan cake and various food options. On Saturdays they only serve the brunch or salad of the day. Opens 9-6pm, 10-6 Saturdays and closed on Sundays.
Address: Peder Hvitfeldts Stræde 17, 1173 København K, Denmark

This is a handy place to know if you’re loitering around the main shopping area and is located just off Strøget, the main shopping street. It’s the place for coffee and cake but they also serve a variety of sandwiches, vegan pizza and salads, oh and vegan ice cream lollies which is reason enough to go. Also the Oreo cookie is giant and amazing. The salad of the day was deceptively filling which was rice noodles with edamame beans, peanuts, cabbage, broccoli, cilantro and goma dressing.


Swedish bar/restaurant. Opens 10-midnight, 2am on Friday/Saturday and 11pm on Sundays.
Address: Vendersgade 16, 1363 København K,

At Kalaset, which is Swedish for party, everything is homemade and inspired by grandmother’s cooking. It’s not exclusively vegan but there are tonnes of options, including homemade vegan Nutella that you can help yourself to at the bar. Tante Bonne is the biggest plate of vegan brunch on the menu: Chilli Sin Carne, Avocado, a selection of vegetables, falafel, Olive tapenade (which I wasn’t so thrilled about- no matter how hard I try I still despite the taste of olives), greens, fruit, smoothie and bread. Reading this, it’s going to look like all I did on this trip was swan around town and eat brunch but, to be fair, this was Sunday morning and I was starving to death and nursing a hangover (this brunch will do the trick if you find yourself in this kind of state). Other vegan options are Chia pudding, smoothie, Kongens Have (a less full on plate of breakfast). They’ve also got a vegan sandwich, olive/hummous/bread plate for snacking, the Little Miss Sunshine burger which is made from chickpeas, the El Paso salad and vegan medien Cava Brut if you fancy a bit of bubbly.


raw food, 3 different locations throughout the city and one at the airport, opening hours vary dependant on the store.
Address: Pilestræde 32, 1112 København K

It started out as Copenhagen’s first raw food bar in 2009 and is 100% plant based; aiming to move away from the environmental strain that producing meat puts on the environment. It’s a laid back environment with burgers, pizza, salads, tapas, noodles and lasagne made from squash, fresh tomatoes, herbs, spinach & pesto with gluten free/organic bread and avocado on the side. There’s also a selection of cakes and desserts which are all gluten free too. The concept of raw food can take a little bit of getting used to but the food was super tasty and more filling than you’d expect.

Also look out for:

Espresso House: There are loads of these dotted around the city and have a spicy vegan flatbread on offer which is handy to know about if you find yourself peckish and in need of coffee.

Urban House Hostel: Vegan burger and vegan sandwich option on the menu. Definitely not the greatest thing you’ll ever eat but it’s good to know that it’s there. Their rosemary fries however, are excellent and great for sharing.

Guru: Scandinavia’s first Indian restaurant and established in 1973 with vegetarian and vegan options.

Morgenstedet: vegetarian eatery located in Freetown Christiana, known as a hippy haven and famed for its unique and free spirited values- a community which lives separately from the rest of society.

Dan Veganske Butik: (translated as The Vegan Store) vegan supermarket volunteer run and aiming to make ‘health foods’ more accessible and affordable.

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I also heard rumours on the internet about a vegan hot dog stand. Sadly I didn’t manage to track this down as I was too busy with all the plates of brunch- but if you’re ever visiting the city and stumble across it do tell me (and feel free to brag about how delicious they are and rub it in my face for missing out)- you can find me on Twitter @donnafoulis