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Koko Dairy Free Original (250ml)

Koko Milk

Koko Dairy Free is the only sole based coconut dairy milk alternative, and offers a superior taste and texture to other dairy-free milks without adding any unwanted coconut taste to your hot drinks or food. Enriched with calcium, Koko Dairy Free contains the same fat content as semi-skimmed milk. We are 100% dairy free, lactose free, gluten free, nut free, rice free, soya free, and cholesterol free. Koko Dairy Free is created from freshly pressed coconuts, but tastes remarkably like ordinary milk. Koko Dairy Free can be used instead of dairy milk in all your recipes, including porridge, soups, puddings, sauces and cakes without adding a taste of its own. It?s also delicious with breakfast cereals, and every day with tea or coffee without curdling.

White Rabbit Skincare Comfort Cleansing Balm (15ml)

White Rabbit

Comfort Cleansing Balm does exactly what it says on the tin: a beautiful balm that effectively cleanses whilst comforting the skin with the most gentle ingredients and soothing natural fragrances. This tub of loveliness also comes with a handy little flannel cloth for gently exfoliating your face - simply massage a small amount (we use about the size of a ten pence piece) of balm onto dry skin, then gently wipe off using the cloth (soaked in hand-hot water), which acts as a mild exfoliating treat for your skin! Finish with a splash of cold water and follow up with a toner and moisturiser.

Moo Free Choccy Drops (25g)

Moo Free

Hammy Hamster and her fellow Moo Free friends wanted a tasty alternative to milk chocolate drops, while the cows wanted to be set loose to do their own thing. So they joined forces to create these scrummy organic and dairy free chocolate drops, made with rice milk for a smooth, creamy taste that children of any age can enjoy. These really are the perfect dairy free alternative to milk chocolate drops.

These dairy free chocolate drops are made using Hammy's multi-award winning, organic, dairy free chocolate recipe that ensures that these dairy free chocolate drope really do taste like delicious, quality milk chocolate.

Super Moons Lentil Puffs (20g)


 Supermoons-Salt-&-Vinegar-2 Supermoons-Cheese-&-Onion-2

Crunchy Lentil Puffs which are allergen free, vegan and only 83 calories per pack. Perfect for adults, children and astronauts.

Bute Island Creamy Sheese (255g)



Original Creamy Sheese is a delicious dairy free alternative to cheese. This ambient cheese means you can store it at room temperature. Stick it in the fridge after opening, and allow it to soften after bringing out the fridge, if you are going to spread it.

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