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The New Kids on the Block: Picnic

It’s always encouraging to see a new vegan place open, it shows progress, but what is important to realise is that it takes brave and committed people to make change happen. Michelle Morrow, the owner of Glasgow’s newest vegan café, Picnic is one of these change makers. The café is fast making a name for itself as the go-to place for your lunch time break or morning breakfast in the city centre. We took a visit on its first weekend of opening back in early December of 2016 to chat with Michelle about reaching this milestone.

Walking into this glass fronted treasure cave of vegan goodies, the first thing that hits you is how light and bright it is, this is quickly followed by the beautiful aroma of freshly baked produce. This has been a true labour of love for Michelle and Nick who have given their all in making the café a welcoming, comfortable and enjoyable place to eat the most delicious vegan food you could imagine.

The interior design is inspired by trips abroad, it’s refreshing, no detail has been overlooked. So precise were they to get the detail right, Michelle tells me that they even had the measuring tapes out in a restaurant whilst on holiday to measure the upholstery that inspired the café’s seating.

The whole idea of Picnic started to take shape back when Michelle and Nick went vegan a couple of years ago. The frustration at being unable to find a healthy lunch spurred Michelle on to fix her daily lunchtime dilemma by opening up shop. This combined with their passion for veganism has made this venture one that’s built on a determination to provide high-quality vegan food for everyone, thus making veganism more accessible.

Michelle admits that some people still don’t know all of the food is vegan but they’ve happily wolfed down a tofu scrambled sandwich or a delicious banana muffin (they are the business). The Glaswegian vegans have shown massive support for Picnic since opening, it’s inspiring to see. Mutual support is much needed for the vegan community, it’s certainly something we have in abundance here and it’s important that it continues.

The team behind Picnic have done a great job in focussing on the quality of their produce. If work like this can be done in the name of veganism, it can only be a good thing for our community.

Go support Glasgow’s latest vegan cafe, you’ll not be disappointed. You can find Picnic at: 103 Ingram Street, Glasgow.