Saturday 23rd July

by Michael


Vegan Connection Music Sessions

It began with a musician who was looking for a place to play. Lorkin O’Reilly was in need of a couple of dates in Glasgow on his July UK Tour which included a slot at Glastonbury. A musician hailing from Leith that now calls America home, he is a far travelled man. We had been in contact with him discussing the possibility of shooting a video with us, this then led to us agreeing to organise a house show for him.


We hadn’t set out to host a house show and somehow here we were agreeing to organise one. I guess we thought, why not? Of course with anything new there’s always moments of self-doubt, the fear of the unknown, of what might be. It’s an experience we’ve become accustomed to over these last six months since the “idea” of Vegan Connections was first muted. Slowly that’s changing, however there is still the odd late night panic on what needs done and figuring out quite how to do it.


However, when the night came around the anxiety and stress subsided as we packed into the front room to listen to the stories these talented artists came to tell. The first to take to the make shift stage (a seat by the window) was Mairi Fenella, accompanied by the talented Jack Boyce on guitar. Mairi is an ever growing presence in Glasgow’s thriving music scene, recently playing the Glasgow Jazz festival. As the room fell silent we were blown away by her towering voice. Her slight frame disguised the powerhouse that lay beneath, I’m almost certain the neighbours were treated to her performance.


After Mairi’s powerful and emotional set, we experienced Lorkins’ talented story telling. He had travelled through from Edinburgh and admitted it was the first time he had set foot in Glasgow. He told us stories of his past and the reasons for moving to the States. His voice mixed with his intricate guitar playing and expert storytelling made us lean that little closer as he allowed us to share in his stories, I think we all realised we were experiencing something rather special.



To conclude the night, we asked Chrissy Barnacle, another starlet of the Glasgow music scene to come and wow us with her stories of heartbreak, longing for love and acceptance of the harsh realities of life. She didn’t disappoint. Chrissy’s performance was as much about her songs as it was the stories that surround them. Her perfect preludes were a crucial component of her performance, they gave context to her songs whilst also serving as updates on these very real and present experiences. Her honesty refreshing and at times heart breaking, Chrissy captured us from the moment she sat down to play. We had been treated to something magical, something we hadn’t planned for or expected but something we knew we wanted more of.