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Scottish Vegan Macarons to be Distributed UK-Wide

A Scottish bakery has joined forces with a subscription service that delivers vegan goods across the UK to introduce its popular line of Vegan Macarons beyond the border.

Naked Bakery based in Scotland will begin selling its treats via The Vegan Kind since delighting crowds of people at the numerous vegan festivals in the UK with their delicious vegan macarons

The bakery, which also sells a number of other vegan sweet goods, have been blazing a trail with their inventive cake designs and delicious pastries, they’ve become a favourite amongst locals.

The Vegan Kind staff have been huge fans of their products, both companies are regulars at the vegan festivals across Scotland. In particular the unicorn macarons were a particular favourite and you can see why.

The Vegan Kind who have grown to become one of the main distributors of vegan produce across the UK can now add the delicious Naked Bakery treats to their impressive list.

We can’t wait to get our hands on these from the online shop and if you want to meet the teams behind both companies you can at the Vegan Connections Festival at The Briggait on Saturday 12th August in Glasgow, it’s sure to be a treat.


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