Naked Bakery: Serving Scotland’s Sweet Tooth

Naked Bakery is an online business who specialise in creating mouth watering vegan baked goods. Whether you’re searching for some dairy free macarons, on the hunt for a stunningly unique vegan wedding cake, or desperate for some gluten free donuts, Naked Bakery have got you covered! We caught up with Louise to chat about life changing diets, food philosophies and black forest gateau…

How did Naked Bakery first begin? Did you always dream of opening a bakery? 

I didn’t always plan to open a bakery business, in fact I never even thought of it! You could say Naked Bakery started 6 years ago when our son became very ill. After extensive tests and procedures the doctors were still no closer to discovering what was wrong with him. So I took to Google and researched his symptoms, working out that it was either lactose intolerance or a dairy allergy. That very night we cut dairy out of our diets and almost overnight he became the healthy little boy he once was. When we cut dairy out I also discovered most of the health problems I had been having also disappeared. I have always enjoyed baking and it was through our new vegan diets and experimenting with a different way to bake that Naked Bakery was started.

Are you vegan yourself?

Yes we are! It all began when our son became ill. We became vegan after researching allergies and food origins. You could say our eyes were well and truly opened.cookie

So this was a big inspiration for creating vegan and gluten free products?

We were unable to find deserts or sweet treats that we could eat being vegan and with allergies. This inspired us as there are so many people in a similar situation and really no one should miss out – especially when it comes to cake. Our food philosophy is to make cakes, desserts, and treats that anyone can eat! No one should miss out on great cake!

Do you have a personal favourite of all the products you sell?

My favourite product has to be anything black forest flavoured, I’m obsessed with it!

Your Instagram pictures show how incredible your creations are! Has there been a particularly interesting or challenging order from a customer?

Aww thank you! We get lots of order requests asking for things such as no oil, no sugar, no soya etc. We recently had one customer who wanted a wedding cake that was super healthy, gluten free and of course vegan. I put my head down and worked out a recipe including all the requested flavours and came up with a super healthy cake. Our customer and their guests were over the moon and the cake went down a storm! I don’t think you can’t get better satisfaction that making people happy!


What are your plans for Naked Bakery’s future?

Who knows! We take each day as it comes and the challenges it may bring along with it. But we do see a Naked Bakery shop in the near future…

A Naked Bakery shop? We’ll be counting down the days…

You can get your sugar fix over at or check out their Instagram @naked_bakery

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