Shawnee Jardine | Culture Editor


Dear reader, my name is Shawnee and I was born and raised in Bellshill, North Lanarkshire. I have since lived in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Berlin but at present, I live off the grid in the countryside with a wonderful vegan man and our big grey cat named Blixa. I first became involved with Vegan Connections in late 2016 when I launched a new vegan-friendly menu at a café I was working in. I knew Mairi personally and invited her and Michael down to review the food and the rest, as they say, is history. What I enjoy most about writing for the magazine is when people outwith this lifestyle tell me they’ve read and enjoyed our work as I believe being accessible to everyone is how we break certain stigmas and progress as a movement. Writing and music are my two great loves as is obvious to anyone who has ever read any of my articles but I also love cooking, health & beauty and conversing entirely in Alan Partridge quotes. In 2017 I plan to learn how to successfully grow vegetables (I can’t even keep a houseplant alive), branch into writing about the ethics of the beauty industry and meet a real life goat.