Neil Dallimore | Columnist


Hi all, I’m Neil. I’m here to take a look at all the news stories from Glasgow and beyond, be it the addition of another great venue offering amazing food, the adventures of some brave soul conquering a mountain, or the efforts of a local band to raise public consciousness, whatever the story, it will likely have the word “vegan” in there somewhere.

I’m a recent (if a bit long in the tooth, at 34) university graduate and in the past I have collaborated on a number of magazines, short documentaries and have spent time working at the fantastic Commonspace. Like a growing number of Glaswegians, I’m vegan, but also like many folk who avoid animal products, I’m aware that there are many vegans who go straight to judging others, before opening up a dialogue that is about respect. This is why I’m so excited to be a part of Vegan Connections. It’s not about judgement, feeling superior or proselytisation. It’s about opening the doors, saying “this is what we’re all about, come in and see what you enjoy and if it’s not for you, that’s cool, we’re still pals!” Hippy-dippy stuff, but awesome.

So stick around, see what’s happening and I’ll be here to keep you up to date on the latest news.