Mairi Fenella Whittle | Columnist



Hello, my name is Mairi, I was born and raised in Glasgow, living in the South Side, schooled in the West End, I have learned all the nooks, crannies, dirty and delightful secrets in the city. I live and breathe music, literature, art and culture in general. My aim in life, I think is the same as everyone’s, to make a living doing what I love; exploring the world and writing music. I first became vegan summer 2015; I truly believe if you look to connect with other people through art then you first need to understand the importance of every life on the planet, every creature worth loving and what love truly is. I aim to write a column that explores the mind set of vegan and non-vegan people and how they can translate their beliefs through art. I also look to understand links between artists, musicians and mental health and why these problems are so prevalent with veganism and vegetarianism playing a huge part in helping people change their lives in a positive way.