Isabelle Thul | Columnist



I'm keen to share my opinions and discoveries on anything, from great vegan scran to upholding an all-round environmentally conscious lifestyle. Having grown up with ‘hippie-parents’, I learnt the meaning of resourceful food and the importance of living in harmony with nature from an early age. Becoming a vegan was the next logical step and sharing this experience with others was a natural inclination. Taking this further, I wish to use my cultural knowledge gained in my degree in History of Art to further endorse the already vibrant Vegan community via the Vegan Connections Magazine. Being relatively new to Glasgow, but swept away by its array of Vegan food and social venues, I am ever curious to discover more and become further connected to like-minded people. Reaching beyond Glasgow I have friends all over Europe after having attended a European School in Munich. This means that I'm not opposed to travelling and I delight in sharing experiences made abroad with anyone who has likewise itchy feet.