Imogen Stirling | Columnist




Musician, writer, thinker, nomad, activist – all with a vegan twist.

I'm an advocate for minimalist living and constant exploration. I aim to promote a life of freedom and equality – one without subjectivity, without judgement, and rightfully belonging to all earthlings. I embrace intersectionality and am fiercely passionate about putting an end to global animal exploitation. I'm convinced that the answer to forging a better world lies in radical compassion which is a goal I will dedicate my days to.

I'm currently the copy editor for upcoming vegan animal sanctuary, Lotus Sanctuary, and am stoked to continue sharing the vegan word through creating the new travel section for Vegan Connections, alongside Séimí. Following a yearlong European busking tour, we're taking to the road again - this time, with a vegan agenda. Our contributions to VC will seek to illustrate the interconnectedness of veganism around the world, and remind readers of the movement's global reach. We want to draw attention to the worldwide suffering, the worldwide activism, and the worldwide kindness. Not to mention, offering a fine selection of tips regarding the practicalities and surprises of vegan travel.

Veganism is emerging with warmth and force. The plan is to fan this spark into a flame and so I will strive to provide this beautiful magazine with empowering content until the flame is truly lit.