Graham Macmillan-Mason | Columnist




Hi, my name is Graham, I also go by the pseudonym The Eagertongue. I've been vegan 5 years and I'm obsessed with Berlin! I am admittedly a workaholic that lives by the Rollins mantra "no down time, only life time". I'm a writer, a columist, a Sea Shepherd volunteer, an interviewer, a podcast host, a performer, a label owner, I put on occasional events too. I'm a busy body, but it's all good! My biggest passion is travel, visiting new countries and immersing myself in different cultures. I have been with Vegan Connections since it's humble beginnings and will work with VC as long as they want me to. I believe in its ethos and it's ability to connect. I'm proud to be associated with everyone who contributes and reads. Viva love!