Amy McCready| Columnist




Hey! I'm Amy – a 22 y/o Barcelona resident but Weegie at heart. I'll be covering all things related to the Catalan capital and whenever I travel to unusual destinations I will be sure to document my vegan finds. Despite my love of healthy eating (Monday to Friday, that is), if an animal-free cheeseburger is available, I'll be having it. At VC we are painfully familiar with the misconceptions surrounding vegan food, one being that there is no good vegan junk food around – how wrong this is! I've been in a food coma since September 1st 2015. At the moment I'm writing and editing digital content for a Spanish company and luckily I can work in my mother tongue, since myself and language learning go together just as well as toothpaste and coffee. I would however love to learn Spanish, since experiencing and respecting culture differences really shape us. I'd like to think I'm pretty fair and open-minded too. Most importantly, I'm immensely proud to be a member of such a progressive and warm community of vegans, who want nothing more than to show you all how fucking great this lifestyle is. Have a gander, have a browse, you won't regret it.