1st May 2017

Michael Jenkins| @veganconnections




Lynn Jolly is a vegan and animal rights activist, she has recently garnered some attention by saving a bullock called Prince last year, she has since saved two highland cattle and is currently in the process of crowdfunding an animal sanctuary that will allow her to continue in her work in saving animals from the meat and dairy industry.


A vegetarian from a young age, Lynn says that it was seeing the hairs on the rind of bacon which made her turn veggie, “…I asked my Dad what it was and he said to me much to my Mum’s anger, ‘aw that’s pig hair’ and that was it for me.”


Growing up she says she flirted with the idea of veganism but it wasn’t until 2010 she turned vegan having come across the teaching of Buddhist Monk, Thich Nhat Hanh, “…he just made the penny drop for me. I then started researching it online and then went vegan.”


Since turning vegan, Lynn has set the goal of opening her very own animal sanctuary, those wheels were very much set in motion last year when she came across a friendly bullock whilst out walking her dog, “…they were quite a friendly bunch in this field and they would come over but this one in particular as soon as I met him it was bizarre, he was like a puppy. He was chasing me, so when I’d go away I’d have to keep going back because he kept running.”


This continued for the rest of the summer until Lynn was visiting her new friend up to three times a day. Lynn says, “I built up a massive relationship with this animal and I started to feel the same connection as I do with my dog.”


The thought of this animal going off to slaughter was too much for Lynn so she decided she’d try and save him and that’s what she did. Lynn contacted the farmer of the field and after some persuasion, after a few visits from Lynn, he agreed she could take Prince.


She then had to figure out the logistics of moving Prince to a sanctuary and decided the best option was to use cattle handlers who were experienced in the job albeit usually they are taken for slaughter rather than to a sanctuary. In early January, Lynn saved two highland cattle and it was the same two cattle handlers who helped move the animals. Lynn says their trips had an impact on them and their opinion of veganism, ““It was a fifteen hour round long trip and at the end of it the two of them said to me that they were thinking of giving up meat.”


Now a registered cattle keeper Lynn has learned a lot since embarking on this journey, it’ll stand her in good stead for the ambitious plans she has for Lotus Animal Sanctuary. Currently, in the application process for grants, Lynn has also set up a crowdfunding page and an online shop, where all proceeds go to the Animal Sanctuary. It’s certainly been a whirlwind year for Lynn and the future looks promising for her and her cattle, with a recent donation of just under £39,000 from a secret donor, it's a considerable dent in her £200,000 target to get the Sanctuary up and running.


You can support Lotus Sanctuary and their fundraising campaign at YouCaring and check out Bohemian Hippy, Lynn's online shop where all profits go to fundraising for Lotus Sanctuary.