7th January 2017

Julian Larrainzar| @sadikson




Last May I saw Bridal Shower for the first time. It was an otherwise ordinary Tuesday night at the 13th Note in Glasgow. That night they became my favourite contemporary Glaswegian band. I’d arranged to meet Lewis Glass, the lead singer of the band and a man who has a lot to do with a lot of sounds happening in Glasgow just now.


So Lewis, what is Bridal shower?


The main thing… It’s just 4 friends having fun through loud fast music.

What’s the story with the name?

We had a few name ideas before landing on Bridal Shower, we really liked the idea of having a name that didn't fit the image, of maybe giving a false impression of what we were. We originally wanted to be called Christian Radio. Not only because it was the opposite of what we actually were but above our old practice space was a Christian Radio station. Bridal Shower sounds intense, if you think about a shower of brides it’s an intense thought, the shower part is a good representation of our music, the idea of dropping and collapsing … I think one of the key things in Bridal Shower is not to over think things, just go straight to the point, do what it needs to be done and then moving on from it … so I guess we applied that to the formation of the name and we were just like, yeah that works. The album has 9, 10 songs and is like 23 minutes long, and we wondered… do we need more parts, longer songs? The answer was no. We did the important bits and that’s it! Let’s get out!

How old is Bridal Shower?

Less than a year old. We played our first gig at the Old Hairdressers with a band from Edinburgh called OP, Orphan Works, and Civil Elegies. It was a really good line-up but I don’t think we actually gelled properly as a band. By that stage we weren't really super close friends, it’s only really since we started recording the album that’s when we were all like...yeah this is working. At one stage we had 5-6 songs definitely down and we wanted to do an album. Not messing about we set a date to do it and we worked towards that, which I think it was a good thing for us. We ended up with 9 songs, the plan was recording at my place “Glassworks Studios” but I didn’t have it ready in time, so we rented out the small room at Lo-fi/7 west for 4 days and Scott, our good friend Euan from Womps and I tracked the album. I think it came out exactly as we wanted it to, and then we mixed it at my place, over the next month or so.

Did you find it difficult to get the sound you wanted?

I always find that recording is the fun part, problems are usually easy to fix... a broken string, a mic is hissing, a cable breaks: you get to actually play the instrument. Problems on mixing are harder to overcome, it’s more intense. But it came out really well, we didn’t double track any guitars, that was a thing that Scott and I decided from the start, we didn’t want to put layers and layers, we focussed instead on maybe changing the guitar part to something with full frequency, there are only 2 guitars going on all the time left and right, so it’s replicable live.

What are you calling the album and what's the message of the record?

The album is called Negatives. There is a song called Negatives on the album which Ian wrote the original lyrics for and it’s about the film, One Hour Photo.

Yeah, with Robin Williams?!

Yeah and the song is like the story through his eyes: ''Negatives scape your eyes, ink runs black to white, dark room red light colour strips, black to white, viewing what you saw none knows but the lens is watching you“ So it’s kind of like someone feeling lonely, and no one really knowing.

The record is about personal struggles it’s nothing new but hopefully, the music is a good representation of that and makes it more exciting than just writing about that. We got it mastered by Matthew Barnhart at Chicago mastering services. We're a big fan of his work, he’s worked with a lot of our favourite bands like Metz and True widow.

What about your first single?

The first single will be a song called Tapeworm which The Skinny is putting out. I would say it’s the must well-rounded song to our sound, I think the lyrics encapsulate a lot of what the album lyrics are about, very much about being trapped in yourself, kind of like you being the only barrier between doing something and not doing something. The whole song is very metaphorical and symbolic. For instance: “prefrontal lobotomy Egyptian hook drag it out" you know it’s like I’m having such a bad time inside my head that I rather you pull my brain out through my nose, pretty crazy stuff. I like sci-fi and horror books so maybe that plays a part in it. By the way, I’m not suggesting anybody does that, I would never ever do that because problems can always be solved, but this is one made up scenario and we thought it was kind of cool!

Any videos planned?

William [the bassist] will probably end up doing the videos for us, he is a film guy. I think is nice to be almost all inclusive, we all love converge+ and that’s kind of what they do so, they are definitely an influence.

So when is Negatives coming out?

The single or the album?


The album, the whole vegan enchilada!!


We are aiming for March maybe April which is crazy because it’s been done for like a year.


You can find out more about Bridal Shower on their Facebook page: @BridalShowerGLA