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Kristina Rennie| @veganconnections





One of the luxuries of living in Scotland is that fine, brisk weather and delicate rainshower you can guarantee at any minute. Big Bear Bakery have created the utimate cure to this unpredictable climate with multiple feel good, comfort cakes and treats that can be found scattered across the city in some of your favourite coffee haunts such as Tinderbox and Gordon St Coffee.


The company is not strictly Vegan, however have expanded their products in recent years, stating that they feel everyone should have the option and recognising the growing Vegan movement in Glasgow like so many other businesses.


We recently sampled some of their best sellers:

1) Summer Berry Sponge: A marzipan-like flavour mixed with a moist fruity jam that disappears in your mouth. Pair this bad boy with ice-cream or wash down with a strong brew and a copy of Vegan Connections on a rainy day..



2)Banana and Pecan: I mean bottom-line if you don't like pecans you need to re-evaluate your sweet-tooth... but all jokes aside this cake was a solid top score from the moment you smelt it. Not too dry and with a generous helping of icing on top, we just want more ok?


3)Carrot and Pistachio: Not exactly an original cake flavour but damn they do it well. The pistachio is the perfect crunchy compliment to the icing on top of the carrot cake. A perfect dessert to take round to a friends potluck or a treat to enjoy yourself.



4)Empire Biscuits: Accessible to children, colourful, fresh and delicious - these little guys are a solid favourite amongst the VC team. They do exactly what they say on the tin, but with a zingy topping that catches your tastebuds at the last moment.