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Raw Cakes


A few years ago while looking for a healthier alternative to traditional baking, I stumbled across the world of raw cakes. I had a vegan desserts blog and started making raw cakes more and more. I quickly started creating my own recipes and it kind of escalated from there. I was a finalist on the Great Vegan Bake Off organised by Peta in 2014 and 2015, and decided to start my small raw cakes business last year. Glasgow is a great place for vegans and is buzzing with amazing vegan business start ups. It is a great time to be a vegan and I am ever so thankful to all the support and encouragement I have received from the local vegan community since I started.


Not everyone is familiar with raw cakes and people often look at me in a funny way when I tell them I make raw vegan cakes for a living. I don't blame them, a few years ago I would have been the same. A raw cake is a cake that is made just by blending together ingredients. It is not cooked, so all the nutrients of the ingredients are kept intact. It is typically made using nuts, dates, seeds, spices, fruits, vegetables, coconut oil, cacao butter & powder . Raw cakes are made using whole foods which your body easily digests while fully absorbing their nutrients. For this reason, a slice of raw cake can sustain you for a long time. When a traditional cake will often make you feel heavy and sluggish, a raw cake will energise you.


Since discovering the joy of raw cakes, I have been unable to eat traditional cakes again. For this reason I am trying to diversify the desserts I offer and get away a little bit from the "cheesecake" like raw cakes which are the most common raw cakes on offer. I make raw tarts and sponge cakes for instance. I also teach people how to make simple raw desserts at my monthly workshops. Making a raw cake can be simple, it only requires a little bit of preparation and a good blender. So here's one that'll get you all started on your raw vegan cake journey. I hope you enjoy eating it as much as I enjoyed creating it.


With Raw Love,





- 200g almonds

- 2tsp ground cardamom

- 200g medjool dates


Pear filling
- 400g cashew nuts (soaked in water overnight)

- 2 medjool dates

- 3 medium pears

- 150g coconut oil (melted)


Chocolate sauce

- 60g coconut oil (melted)

-40g raw cacao powder

-3tbsp of maple syrup or agave




1. To make the crusts, blend the almonds and cardamom in a food processor until the almonds are broken down. Then remove the stones from the dates and add them to the mixture. Blend until the mixture starts sticking together when pinched between your fingers.


2. Line a spring-pan (7 to 8 inches) with baking paper and pour the crust into it. Lightly press it in like you would do with a cheesecake base.


3. For the pear filling, firstly drain the cashew nuts and rinse them with clean water. Then put it in a high speed blender. Mix them on their own until creamy. Once this is done, add the dates (remove the stones first) and 2.5 pears (peel them first). Mix until well combined.


4. Using boiling water, melt the coconut oil (bain-marie technique). Once melted, pour the oil in the blender with the rest of the pear filling. Blend well and then pour half of the filling on top of the crust. Cut the left over pear in little pieces (remove skin first) and scatter on top of the filling then pour the rest of the filling on top.


5. Put the cake in your freezer for a few hours or over night. Once totally frozen, remove the spring-pan and put the cake in the fridge. It will defrost slowly (about 3 hours). Once defrosted but cool, pour the chocolate sauce on top (to make the sauce simply combine the sauce ingredients together and whisk).


6. Serve with fresh pear slices on top.


The cake will keep well in the fridge for 2 to 3 days. Enjoy!