Glasgow Doughnuts to be Distributed UK-Wide

A GLASGOW sandwich shop has this week teamed-up with a subscription service that delivers vegan goods across the UK to introduce its popular line of doughnuts beyond the city.

Kind Crusts based in Dennistoun will begin selling its treats via The Vegan Kind after the winning recipe proved to be a big hit with customers.

The sandwich store, which also sells a variety of other vegan foods, opened its doors nine months ago and has been a very popular spot for vegans and non-vegans alike.

Kathryn Veroni, 28, the sole founder of Kind Crusts spent over a month working on perfecting the dairy-free doughnut and sold over 100 in the first weekend of their launch.

She said: “That is when we recognised the scale of what we had just created and knew it wouldn’t be long before other businesses would be trying to replicate our little glazed rings of goodness.”

The Vegan Kind staff have been regulars in Kind Crusts since it opened and after the distribution company created their online shop they asked Kathryn about delivering the popular treat as a specialist fresh item.

The doughnuts, which Kathryn has been working on closely with The Vegan Kind to allow them to fare transport, will now be distributed UK-wide.


The sandwich shop’s size has meant that production of the doughnuts had up until recently seen a shortfall between supply and demand.

Kathryn said: “We have always advertised as producing a small-batch but we had actually been making up to 150 doughnuts a day, which still sold out quickly. Due to the development of our distribution channels, we will now be relocating to a production kitchen for all of our doughnuts and catering orders, leaving the shop front to do what it does best.”

Previously Glasgow has been named PETA’s number one vegan UK City with Kind Crusts already appearing on a number of top 10 lists for vegans looking for good food.

Kathryn has noticed it’s not just those who adhere to a plant-based diet that are interested in the shop and its doughnuts.

She said: “It is so rewarding when a customer who is non-vegan comes in and enjoys our food just as much as a vegan. It is even more rewarding when that non-vegan comes back and tells us how they are changing their diet due to just us highlighting that they don’t have to miss out on anything they love. Bridging that gap between non-vegans and “vegan food” is one of my key objectives for the business and it truthfully feels wonderful to be meeting it.”

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