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Food Review: Bread Meats Bread

There are currently two Bread Meats Bread branches in Glasgow and one in Edinburgh, each with slightly different menus on offer. The restaurant chain has enjoyed great success since they launched a few years ago and, despite being a very meat-heavy establishment (hence the name), they actually offer a number of very original vegan options as opposed to your usual veggie burger and chips. We visited the Bread Meats Bread branch on St Vincent Street in Glasgow city centre and tried two of their vegan options – the Radical Reuben and the Bacon Cheeze Poutine. There are other options available which we will certainly be returning to try at some point, these include: BBQ Pulled Mushroom Burger (minus coleslaw), Falafel & Baba Burger (minus feta salad), and the Fried Chick’n Bacon Cheezeburger.

I’ll start by noting that the St Vincent Street branch is small and permanently busy – a testament to the success of the restaurant. I’m sure during peak times there can be a lengthy wait for a table, but we were seated within five minutes, and had our orders taken not long after that. The service was fast and attentive, so no complaints from that perspective! Now onto the food…

The Radical Reuben

The Radical Reuben is a vegan twist on the classic Reuben sandwich. Slices of pastramheat (vegan pastrami from our much-loved artisan meat manufacturer, Sgaia), traditional sauerkraut on top, and finished with vegan smoked gouda cheese – all in a toasted sandwich. Honestly, this was one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. It wouldn’t be the type of food I’d typically gravitate towards, but I’m so glad we ordered this. The sauerkraut added the perfect amount of saltiness, it’s something I’ve only discovered recently that I actually enjoy (despite spending three months in Poland avoiding it). The smoked gouda melted well and tasted great. The pastramheat was delicious, as every Sgaia product seems to be. All of these things combined made for the perfect sandwich! I’d definitely recommend trying it.

Vegan Bacon Cheeze Poutine

Poutine has long been a classic in Canada; it’s essentially just a fancy version of chips, cheese, and gravy. What’s not to like? Bread Meats Bread offer their own vegan version of this dish: house chips, fresh vegan cheese curds, grated vegan cheddar, and mushroom gravy – this one having the added topping of vegan bacon pieces. I’m going to be completely honest with this one… I had really high expectations for it, but I wasn’t particularly impressed. Both the mushroom gravy and the cheese curds lacked seasoning and flavour – I don’t usually add salt to my meals but this needed it. The cheese curds also weren’t distributed very well throughout the dish, and consequently there were a number of large chunks of cheese which didn’t melt well into the chips and gravy. The best part of the meal was the bacon pieces on top (once again from Sgaia) which seemed to be the main source of flavour throughout the dish. Definitely not an awful meal, but just not one I’d jump to try again. I’ll most definitely be back to try the other exciting vegan options they have on offer, though!