Lynn Jolly – Saving a Prince

Lynn Jolly is a vegan and animal rights activist, she has recently garnered some attention by saving a bullock called Prince last year, she has since saved two highland cattle and is currently in the process of crowdfunding an animal sanctuary that will allow her to continue in her work […]


Feeding Glasgow one Deelicious Cake at a Time

A favourite amongst the Glaswegian vegan community, Deelicious Geelicious is closing its doors on Saturday 22nd April. Fear not! You’ll still be able to get your hands on their deelicious cakes as Deelicious Geelicious becomes a stand to order Bakehouse where you can order online and collect in store. Last month we […]


Sergi: I went vegan on a dare

The loveable YouTuber & video editing maestro spoke to VC about the Spanish way of living as a vegan, starfishing & whether Jon Venus is on steroids. Much to the dismay of our crippling hunger, Cat Bar, the respected vegan burger joint in Barcelona, generously decided to close its doors […]


Meet Glasgow’s Vegan Willy Wonka

Adele Ralston, also known as the Vegan Burd or Glasgow’s Vegan Willy Wonka (who said you couldn’t get a better version of the Roald Dahl character?) is fast making a name for herself as the go to vegan chocolatier in Scotland. Since setting out on this chocolate filled adventure full […]


Veganuary: Who’s going vegan this January?

Veganuary is a global charity that supports people trying  to go vegan for the month of January. Launched in January 2014, the charity have grown massively having gained worldwide media coverage on the work they do. As well as changing the public attitude towards veganism they provide support for those looking […]


London’s First Vegan Supermarket

Greenbay London is the first fully vegan supermarket in London, we chat to owners, Paula Alcalde and Anderson Caicedo. Both are passionate about veganism and have used this new venture as a way to make it more accessible to the general public. What were the motivations behind creating GreenBay? We […]