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Food Review: Lily Burger

Readers let’s not beat about the bush here – if you’re vegan, there’s no better place than Berlin. Period. Don’t get me wrong, there are many, many reasons I am making my eighth visit to the German capital in little over two years this September. Since a visit in early […]

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The Glasgow Vegan Coffee Guide

If you live in Glasgow – or visit often – you know there is no shortage of a well-pulled espresso whichever end of the city you happen to be wandering about in. Glasgow abounds with third wave speciality coffee shops from the hygge-ish Artisan Roast in the west end to […]

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The Guide to Vegan Cheese

Who doesn’t love a good cheese…and yet for many of us, it’s actually really hard to find a good cheese. The selection, until a couple of years ago was to be fair, quite dire. Pungent chunks of gray-yellow, paste which despite the smell would taste close to nothing. Un-meltable, chewy […]


Reasons to go Vegan: Environment

Because: Environment Running out of answers to the question “but, why vegan”? The environmental argument is just as valid and poignant as any. With so many individuals enraged by the news of Donald Trump opting out of the Paris climate change agreement, perhaps it is time to enlighten them on […]


What’s the deal with ‘Organic’?

Being a vegan, you are probably well acquainted with the likes of wholefood shops, farmer’s markets or even shops specifying in organic produce. Having opted for a plant-based diet and lifestyle for moral reasons, I feel obliged to continue to question and inform myself on what I consume and what […]


Vegan Cities: The Tallinn Guide

Despite having an impressive list of pals from the Baltics, I must admit that speaking even the most basic Estonian is beyond my limited linguistic capabilities so when visiting the beautiful city of Tallinn this year, I was mightily pleased my friend Kert managed to map out a list of […]