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VC Reviews: Big Bear Bakery

One of the luxuries of living in Scotland is that fine, brisk weather and delicate rainshower you can guarantee at any minute. Big Bear Bakery have created the utimate cure to this unpredictable climate with multiple feel good, comfort cakes and treats that can be found scattered across the city […]

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The New Kids on the Block: Picnic

It’s always encouraging to see a new vegan place open, it shows progress, but what is important to realise is that it takes brave and committed people to make change happen. Michelle Morrow, the owner of Glasgow’s newest vegan café, Picnic is one of these change makers. The café is […]

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VC Guide: Vegan Milk

  Advice 24th January 2017 Kathryn Blake          Making the choice to become vegan can be a little overwhelming at first, and when it comes to dairy-free milk, you can often be paralysed by choice, blindly grabbing the first carton that comes to hand and promises the world […]

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The Cool Jerk Corner #2

I know what you are thinking, second recipe in and I’ve already resorted to a tofu recipe. Well hold your horse’s cowboy; this ain’t like no tofu you have eaten before. In fact, I don’t even know if it is tofu. It’s the skin that’s been skimmed from the top […]

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The Cool Jerk Corner #1

What the flippin ‘eck is hominy I hear you mutter. Well it’s a type of corn with a texture that fits somewhere between chickpeas and popcorn (now I have you intrigued). But where am I going to find this I hear you muttering again….well don’t worry I’m going to tell […]