benjamin blue

VC Meets: Benjamin Blue

To paraphrase the law of conservation of energy, energy never dies; it can only be transformed from one form to another. Craig Scott, a guitarist and vocalist in the band Benjamin Blue, is no doubt well acquainted with the concept, and not just because he recently read a book on […]


VC Meets: Hardcore Legend Bob Otis

The roots of animal liberation, human liberation and the attempts to right the wrongs of the world have been the essence of hardcore punk for a long damn time. In his role as DROPDEAD’s frontman, the visceral growls of musician and activist Bob Otis have provided a voice for the […]


Artist Spotlight: Wullie Crainey

I grew up in Croy, a wee former mining village outside Glasgow. It’s the kind of place where everyone knows each other and where not much has changed, fundamentally, in the 150 or so years since it’s establishment. It’s predominantly Catholic with deep Irish roots. The village epitomises working class […]

DCM Final

Draws Creature Mask to Release New Single

30th May sees the release of the new single from Scotland’s, Draws Creature Mask. Recorded at Glassworks Recording Studio in Glasgow, ‘Hibernal’ is a noticeable step up for the band and it’s evident to see this is one they’re super excited to release. We caught up with the band at […]


Making an Impact: Meet Heir of The Cursed

Beldina Odenyo Onassis is feeling a little tender this Sunday morning. The soulful Glasgow based songwriter had spent the night previous in Edinburgh with a collective known as TYCI who, as Beldina comments, “are a collective who champion the output of women and women identifying artists from all disciplines and […]