Author: Nicola O'Donnell

Cinnamon Snail Burger

Demystifying Veganism

You don’t think twice about it: Googling a restaurant your friends have suggested and crossing your fingers there’s a vegan option on the menu; Reading the label of every item that passes through your hands, hoping you won’t see the word MILK plastered across in bold; Getting far too over […]

Emily Wilkinson - Vegan Chef - Main image

Meet the Chef With Opinions: Vegan Lass

Emily Wilkinson is a Glasgow-based chef and writer, known for both her hearty recipes and outspoken advocacy. She spends her days cooking up scrumptious vegan feasts in the kitchen, sharing recipes on her blog ‘Vegan Lass’, and speaking widely on topics she feels passionately about. Emily proudly calls herself a […]

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The Experience of Going Vegan

Hello! I’m  Nicola, I’m 26, and I’m a brand new vegan. (Hurrah!) It is something which has become incredibly important to me and for the past few months I have felt more inspired by the vegan community every day. But the thought of adjusting my entire lifestyle was pretty overwhelming […]