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Vegan Cities: The Amsterdam Guide

Amsterdam is definitely up there with being one of the best cities on earth, this was my 3rd visit & my 1st being Vegan and it just confirmed to me how incredible this place is, these guys have got easy pleasurable living down to a fine art. The city itself […]

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Martin Stepek: Becoming Mindful

Martin Stepek is a prominent Scottish businessman who is an advocate of mindfulness. His story is a rather remarkable one, from his Polish father who fled his native country at the time of Stalin and his own upbringing where the family home was open to local homeless people for food. […]

Naked Bakery 1

Scottish Vegan Macarons to be Distributed UK-Wide

A Scottish bakery has joined forces with a subscription service that delivers vegan goods across the UK to introduce its popular line of Vegan Macarons beyond the border. Naked Bakery based in Scotland will begin selling its treats via The Vegan Kind since delighting crowds of people at the numerous vegan festivals in the UK with […]


Artist Spotlight: Wullie Crainey

I grew up in Croy, a wee former mining village outside Glasgow. It’s the kind of place where everyone knows each other and where not much has changed, fundamentally, in the 150 or so years since it’s establishment. It’s predominantly Catholic with deep Irish roots. The village epitomises working class […]

DCM Final

Draws Creature Mask to Release New Single

30th May sees the release of the new single from Scotland’s, Draws Creature Mask. Recorded at Glassworks Recording Studio in Glasgow, ‘Hibernal’ is a noticeable step up for the band and it’s evident to see this is one they’re super excited to release. We caught up with the band at […]


Lynn Jolly – Saving a Prince

Lynn Jolly is a vegan and animal rights activist, she has recently garnered some attention by saving a bullock called Prince last year, she has since saved two highland cattle and is currently in the process of crowdfunding an animal sanctuary that will allow her to continue in her work […]


Sara Pascoe: The Importance of Empathy

Comedian, actress and writer Sara Pascoe started stand up back in 2007, in the ten years since she’s become known for her hilarious routines discussing topics including sexism, racism, human rights and animal rights. VC caught up with her to discuss her book, Animal, her transitions into veganism and where […]