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Recipe: Vegan Pizza

Pizza. Is there anything it can’t do? The scene of this revelation took place cramped up on a sofa, amidst friends and beer. Alongside making finger shadows of the velociraptors from jurassic park on the projector-lit wall as pre-theatre entertainment (complete with theme tune) was the prospect of Home. Made. […]


The Mighty Buch

I had the absolute joy of interviewing the passionate and creative craft-brewers behind the 100% vegan, ethically sourced, drink of the Gods. Left field Kombucha is the first in Scotland and absolutely delicious. Never heard of it? Read on and ye shall be converted Kombucha. What, when, why? Could you […]

Primal Roast
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The Glasgow Vegan Coffee Guide

If you live in Glasgow – or visit often – you know there is no shortage of a well-pulled espresso whichever end of the city you happen to be wandering about in. Glasgow abounds with third wave speciality coffee shops from the hygge-ish Artisan Roast in the west end to […]

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The Guide to Vegan Cheese

Who doesn’t love a good cheese…and yet for many of us, it’s actually really hard to find a good cheese. The selection, until a couple of years ago was to be fair, quite dire. Pungent chunks of gray-yellow, paste which despite the smell would taste close to nothing. Un-meltable, chewy […]


Pizza Hut to Test Launch Vegan Cheese

More and more, nationwide supermarkets and restaurant chains seem to be catching on to this strange world of veganism. Now we hear that pizza hut – with a massive 697 stores throughout the UK – will be trialling Violife on all their pizzas, (a noted VC cheese favourite) served in […]

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VC Guide: Vegan Milk

  Advice 24th January 2017 Kathryn Blake          Making the choice to become vegan can be a little overwhelming at first, and when it comes to dairy-free milk, you can often be paralysed by choice, blindly grabbing the first carton that comes to hand and promises the world […]