Author: Josh Graham

Food & Drink

Restaurant Review: Steak Cattle and Roll

With a name like Steak Cattle & Roll, it’s easy to imagine your friends and co-workers reaching for the nearest paper bag to breathe into when you tell them that’s where you’re going for your dinner. Alas, SC&R (like several Glaswegian burger restaurants) have taken steps to up their vegan […]


Meet the Vegan Trailblazers: VX London

As veganism grabs more and more headlines in mainstream media outlets, it is still very much in its infancy, and  at its core a grassroots movement. Having relied on the work of dreamers and trailblazers to get it to where it is today, and year on year, veganism takes bigger […]


Eating out at non-vegan restaurants

Quite recently I wrote a review for VC on Glasgow burger restaurant Steak Cattle & Roll’s vegan menu. While it’s true, I’ll jump at any opportunity to go out for a meal, I had some conflicting feelings about my visit. When telling people where I was going for my dinner […]