Author: Amy McCready


Sergi: I went vegan on a dare

The loveable YouTuber & video editing maestro spoke to VC about the Spanish way of living as a vegan, starfishing & whether Jon Venus is on steroids. Much to the dismay of our crippling hunger, Cat Bar, the respected vegan burger joint in Barcelona, generously decided to close its doors […]


Vegan Cities: The Barcelona Guide

Spain doesn’t often conjure up images of happy animals or vegan friendly restaurants. In fact when I used to think of Spain I would picture mountains of jamon (drycured ham) & bulls looking worse for wear. Although Spain’s traditional cuisine dominates many provinces, Catalonia’s laid back & fun loving Barcelona […]

Elizabeth 1

Evil Twin and the achievement of human potential

Veganuary is a global charity that supports people trying  to go vegan for the month of January. Launched in January 2014, the charity have grown massively having gained worldwide media coverage on the work they do. As well as changing the public attitude towards veganism they provide support for those looking […]