It’s appening! An innovative technology to make supermarket shopping for vegans that much easier.

An app has launched to end all headaches for vegan shoppers and it’s proving a hit.

The difficulty and frustration of shopping as a vegan in a regular supermarket is oft bemoaned. There is so much more than drab and expensive free-from section but deciphering – the sometimes purposely – obscure packages and labels of everyday products can turn a 10 minute trip into an hour long confusing and frustrating forage through the ailes, leaving you lost and hopeless clutching a pack of biscuits stammering to yourself.. ”b b but is it vegan?”

However, thanks to Anna Colomer, developer behind the new app: safe for vegans, that nightmare trip is no more. Anna designed a beautiful – almost too simple to use- app that will end any accidental purchases and make vegan shopping even easier and more accessible to everyone. Below she tells VC a little of her background and inspiration behind the product.

“I became vegan at the age of 25 in 2016. As a vegan rookie, I know how painful it is to wander around the supermarket reading labels whilst trying to find ‘safe for vegans’ sweets. Who has time for that? It was then when I realised how may accidentally vegan products are overlooked in the UK shelves and how easier would it be to spread veganism if finding vegan products wasn’t so disheartening. Earlier this year Marc Cámara, the engineer behind this product, and I partnered to create the safe for vegans app – a scanning mobile application that aims to make the grocery shopping of all vegans simpler. Scan a product and the app will let you know if it’s safe for vegan consumption.” [Not only that, but the app also shows you where to pick up the most common vegan products at the cheapest price!]


The app already has user base of +1000 vegans (and growing!) and it’s currently available in the UK and Ireland iOS Appstore. Follow them on social media (@safeforvegansapp) or on their fb page safe for vegans to be updated with all the good news that’s to come! Be part of the green revolution!

So, what are you waiting for, stop searching, start scanning! @safeforvegansapp

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