A Seinfeld inspired Vegan Café opens its doors in Glasgow

A few months back we reported on a Nirvana inspired Vegan cafe in Glasgow, now the city has another themed plant based eatery, Serenity Now.

You might have heard about Glasgow’s reputation as one of the best vegan cities in the UK. This reputation has been further strengthened with the opening of Serenity Now, the new Seinfeld themed vegan cafe in the west-end of the city.

Promising to serve “breakfast, brunch, lunch, baked goods and juices. ” the cafe, “…are committed to cooking with compassion, sustainability and healthfulness in mind.”

As well as feeding us humans, there’ll also be treats for your best friend…your dog! Is this vegan bliss or what?


Serenity Now has opened its doors on Great Western Rd, with close by vegan haunts such as The Hug and Pint, The V&V cafe, who announced this week are going vegan for January through the Veganuary campaign and Inbloom, the west-end of the city is sure becoming a vegan oasis in itself. Head on down to Serenity Now and try some of their delicious Vegan food on offer. We’ll see you in the queue!!


Find out more about Serenity Now here:


Instagram: @serenitynowcafe

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