In Bloom

A Nirvana inspired Vegan Café opens its doors in Glasgow

Yet another Vegan café opens in Glasgow, this one has an added twist! This city sure does like to treat its vegans and vegan curious.

Say hello to the newly opened, all-Vegan, Nirvana themed café (we never thought we’d be saying those words in the same sentence). The café is named after the band’s second album, ‘Nevermind’, and is an absolute godsend for any plant-based eating, 90s grunge fans.

The owners have remained fairly quiet during the preparation of opening, but have still stirred up plenty of excitement and interest throughout Glasgow and beyond. There have been a few teasers on social media regarding what they will be selling, such as popular Vegan brands, ‘Ten Acre’ and ‘Almighty Foods’, as well as an organic, fair trade, ethical alternative to Coca-Cola!

Their opening announcement on social media today featured a Kurt Cobain figurine, and mouth-watering caramelised red onion and rosemary sausage rolls, which were made fresh – yum!

With the opening of this café, and many others already in the city, Glasgow is just proving more and more worthy of its 2013 PETA title of ‘Most Vegan-friendly City in the UK’.

In Bloom has set up shop on Clarendon Place in the St George’s Cross area of the city, so head on down and try some of their delicious Vegan delights.

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